Understand the program:

The Ownership Program allows you to be the owner of your boat, or quota, buying with special conditions directly from the factory, sailing in one of the best destinations in the world, without monthly expenses.

Sail up to 12 weeks a year on your yacht, or an equivalent model, in our base.

The income guaranteed by the program generates a fixed amount of income monthly for up to 5 years.

You enjoy the benefits of worry-free ownership while handling operating expenses, docking and maintenance. All you have to do is enjoy your boat.

Understand how smart boat ownership works:

No matter what size sailboat you choose to buy, our Ownership benefits are the same, for everyone!

Guaranteed profitability, regardless of your boat's charter activity. That is to say, you get paid even if your boat is not rented.

Owner use up to 12 weeks per year, or equivalent to purchased quota.

Zero operation or maintenance costs.

Professional maintenance included free of charge.

A dedicated owner service team for the planning and assistance of each tour.

The program lasts up to five years.

At the end of the program, you can take over the management and responsibilities of your boat, sell it through our brokerage office or discuss with us the availability of an "exchange" for the purchase of a new boat.